Ages:  9 years and above

Duration:  1 hour per session


Benefits:  Personal attention is crucial in a player’s development especially early in the development phase.  The individual attention, instruction, guidance, focus, dedication, and care provided by a soccer trainer, coach or mentor is extremely valuable to the development and growth of a young player.  Training has a lasting impact and will help in maximizing the player’s potential when starting at a younger age. It is never too late to work on skill and technique and it certainly never stops; ask any professional player.

The private training program implemented by First Eleven Soccer Academy is designed to build on potential. Training can be provided on a 1-on-1 basis or in a small group up to 8 or 10 players. 1-on-1 training is very valuable for young players and a good start for laying a foundation for FESA’s Individually Tailored, Targeted and Tracked (monitored) Training (T4) program for any age, Additionally, 1-on-1 training can be used to focus on specific technical areas such as finishing or advancing technical skills and ball mastery. A small group of two-to-four players is most effective when working other phases of technical skills such as passing and 1-on-1 exercises which can be introduced while leading to small games. Players are closely monitored and continuous feedback is provided. Goal setting is one of FESA’s key program area. Players are encouraged to push themselves while having fun and reaching their potential.
Recommend one to two sessions per week



  • Age appropriate training

  • Individually Tailored, Targeted and Tracked (monitored) Training (T4 program).

  • Free video and or pictures (before and after) for player’s progression tracking. – Visuals are used to show player progression. Seeing is believing

  • More personal attention and focus for one on one correction and refinement of each player

  • Exercises provided to be done at home

  • The trainer will identify areas requiring reinforcement with adjustments to the program as needed.